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Diana Krall Rider

Jazz singer Diana Krall, who is married to Elvis Costello, gives concert promoters a very detailed list of red wines (and a few whites) that would be acceptable for her dressing room, according to her tour rider.

Along with "The Diana Krall Wine List (North America)," the 42-year-old star requires a can of Nestle's Good Start baby formula, which is apparently the backstage drink of choice for her seven-month-old twins, who are touring with Mom. Krall's dressing room must be spotless and sans any bleachy smell, of course, though flowers are out due to her allergies. The kids (and their nannies) get their own baby-proofed family room, which is outfitted with a playpen. And Krall also needs a separate "yoga room" large enough to accommodate "5 people LAYING DOWN."

And when it comes to specs for video production, Krall's rider offers guidance on how to capture a "great beauty shot" of the singer while she's playing piano. But cameramen are advised that, when it comes to framing the singer, "extreme close-ups" are out. "The tightest shot that is comfortable for her is from 6" below the shoulders to 4" above the head." Noted. (7 pages)

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