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Normally, TSG doesn't do requests. But after we recently posted contract riders for a variety of pop stars (Spears, Aguilera, etc.) we were inundated with mail from fans demanding to know: Where's 'N Sync? Since we didn't want to disappoint the 13-year-olds in our audience, TSG went out and obtained the document. So here it is kids, the boy band's 2000 World Tour demands, from security to Captain Crunch. Some highlights: Like Britney, Justin & Co. are very particular about their dressing room phone. "Ambiance" and a police escort are important to the guys. And you can never have enough candy bars, Sega cartridges, or tasty Pop-Tarts backstage. We'd bet Joey ordered the chocolate ones. (10 pages)

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I love how the pop stars/boy bands needed protection from us (at the time) 13 year old girls. I would have been one of the those ripping out hair or tearing clothes to take home. This rider took me down memory lane when we would only eat their favorite foods or wear their favorite colors... I still have North Carolina gear in my closet because it was Justin's favorite! Don't judge me ;)

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