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Kelly Clarkson Backstage Rider

Someone needs to remind Kelly Clarkson that she actually won "American Idol," because her bare-bones 2009 tour rider could easily be mistaken for that of "Idol" runner-up/has-been Justin Guarini. By comparison, Mandy Moore looks downright grubby. (1 page)

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It's because Kelly isn't a diva bitch. I was the house sound engineer for her show at the Greek Theater in Berkeley. She's actually a really nice person. She came out to the dining room and had dinner with the crew and everybody else, instead of hiding in her dressing room like the divas usually do - and I've done a lot of shows with divas. She walked through the backstage on the way to her limo and thanked everyone - and she was even sick that night and nursing a sore throat. I was waiting for my ride to pick me up at the taxi stand, and her limo drove by, she rolled down the window and waved at me and said, "hey there! Thanks again!" I'm not particularly a fan of hers, but she's A-OK with me!
She is a true PROFESSIONAL! Not some no talent c*** like gaga....
Wow. Sparse. Even the rider for my "lowly" death metal band playing some small-town toilet for 50 people would probably have more stipulations than this.

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Just where does a concert promoter in, say, Tulsa rent rapper Jay-Z a $400,000 car?

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