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Jake and Amir Finale Part 7: Limo

Tue, 2015-03-31 14:00
Life is about enjoying the ride.

Warning to All Hecklers, Don't Even Think About Heckling Hannibal Buress

Tue, 2015-03-31 10:35

As a part of his Comedy Camisado stand-up tour, Broad City's Hannibal Buress took to Delaware, where he was met by an obnoxious heckler who had the gall to interrupt his...

Justin Bieber Didn't Get Roasted, He Got Burnt to a Crisp

Tue, 2015-03-31 06:55

Justin Bieber finally had his public tongue lashing last night with his Comedy Central roast and his roasters didn't hold back on crapping all over him. Ron Bur...

The 'Lion King' Theme is Perfect for Waking Up Hungover Spring Breakers

Mon, 2015-03-30 15:51

Rise and shine, spring break drunkards! The Holiday Inn of Panama City Beach -- or PCB, bro, as the locals call it -- is again partaking in a spring break tradition of blasting the theme from the Lion King to wake up its hungover guests. Because n...

Watch a March Madness Fan Annoy the Crap Out of his Girlfriend at Target

Mon, 2015-03-30 13:54

You're either psyched beyond belief about March Madness or probably have no idea it's even going on. For this guy's girlfriend, she's probably just tolerating it. A person can only take so many balls to the head while shopping at Target before the...

John Oliver Wants You to Stop Being an April Fools' Day Dick

Mon, 2015-03-30 11:20

Do you enjoy pulling cruel pranks on your friends and family and leaving them in a confused state of betrayal? Well, then you're probably a dick. John Oliver is...

Meet Your New Host of 'The Daily Show' Trevor Noah

Mon, 2015-03-30 11:10

Comedy Central's been deliberating for a couple of months now on who is going to fill Jon Stewart's shoes when he exits from his Daily Show desk, and that man is gong to be: Trevor Noah. 

Trevor's been a contributor on The Daily Sho...

Here's One Thing Drones Can Do Better Than Your Dog

Sun, 2015-03-29 17:52

This farmer skipped the whole "raise & train a lifelong companion" method of herding sheep, a method that's worked for hundreds of years, and just straight-up herd his sheep with a badass drone. It works surprisingly well.

This Might Be The Most Russian Thing Ever Caught On Camera

Sun, 2015-03-29 14:25

Dangerous, absurd, a little bit sad. These are the most common qualities of all Russian videos on the internet. And every one of those is on display in this brilliant tribute to the resilient people of Mother Russia.

How To Hit On Someone Whose Age Is Totally Ambiguous

Sun, 2015-03-29 14:03

Flirting is a delicate exercise in not coming off creepy. Which makes it all the harder when you try to flirt with someone of an uncertain age. Not to mention that the media has duped us into thinking

The Rock Plays Obama's Angry Alter Ego In This SNL Sketch

Sun, 2015-03-29 12:29

Last night Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson returned to host SNL once again, and with him came the return of 'The Rock Obama.' It's a rich sketch premise born of a silly pun, that doesn't feel totally tired when recycled. Besides, it's satisfying to see the usually calm & collected president smash his enemies with his mighty executive powers:

SNL Reboots A Classic Disney Movie As An R-Rated Action Flick

Sun, 2015-03-29 11:38

Ever since the live-action Maleficent, Cinderella, & Alice in Wonderland, Disney has been draining dry its most famous franchises for cash with darker remakes. So naturally SNL, with the help of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, gave us a peek at wha...

The Smurfs Reimagined As A NSFW 'Game Of Thrones'-Style Saga

Sat, 2015-03-28 15:50

The animators over at ADHD have given us a glimpse of what Smurf village would look like with all the violence, sex, and gore that goes on in the pages of George R.R. Martin. P...

How To (Sort Of) Deal With Credit Card Scams

Sat, 2015-03-28 15:01

YouTube comedian Robbie Sherrard recently got his credit card hacked, and he's got some tips on how to set things right. In this video you'll learn:

  • How to use you...

No One In This Guy's Office Appreciates His Awesome Puns

Sat, 2015-03-28 14:12

Plenty of geniuses were never appreciated in their time. Galileo. Van Gogh. This punster bored at work:

Why Wrestling Fans Hate Wrestling

Fri, 2015-03-27 14:30

Wrestling sucks, but not for the reasons YOU think it sucks.

5 of Will Ferrell's Greatest Press Appearances in the Past Month

Fri, 2015-03-27 14:14
Will Ferrell's been doing some crazy (read: incredible) talk show/press appearances to promote his new movie Get Hard with Kevin Hart. Check out some of his greatest hits over the past month.