MUG SHOTS: Topless Women

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So Dani, did the sororities ask you if you had ever been arrested when you went through rush?
No teeth whitening, it's called 2% milk. Braces, YES. Thank God for dental insurance. HAHA, thanks for the awesome post, Tristan. My nickname @ work is hottest mugshot (still, almost 3 years later)!! Just glad the majority of my patients don't have internet access, or I'd never hear the end of it. LOL, I rode in the back of the cop car w/ a friend, who was also arrested. We gave him a hard time.. $400 fine, most expensive beer I've ever drank.
Cop was a pedophile! Only thing she did wrong was tell him No!
Cut, color, and blow dry- $150 Braces, retainers, and Orthodontist check-ups- $5,000 Teeth whitening- $500 The most publicity you'll ever get is a mug shot on TSG- priceless!
UUMMM, HELLO!!!! Is this legal? This could ruin me for life! Just a little FYI, I WAS wearing a tube top, apparently the cops didn't get it in the mugshot. I didn't expect to see this when I "googled" my name.
I'm no lawyer, but if i was a cop i'd pick you up for being smokin' in an undesignated area. Did you mean to look so happy in the mugshot?
Atleast you look great Dani. unlike most ever other mug shot.
LMAO .... minor with alcohol ... hate to burst your bubble pervs .... yeah take her home and you will be the one on Smoking Gun with spackle on yo face .... lol ;)
She needs to be discovered. Wait she just was. Honey I want to be your agent. We"ll split everything 69/31
is this a colgate commercial?
omg............i'll take her home.....rehabilitate night (and morning) at a time
She's freeking gorgeous!!!!
Nice teeth... no dots to connect
She Happy.. Come to my house I'll give you Candy.........