MUG SHOTS: Strippers

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It's a shame, She is actually very pretty.
I like pissed off women.
You know what would look good on her ears? Her ankles..... ;)
Looks like a naughty one!!!
by the time i got done with this chick, she would be gay! yummy!
My Balls would look great against her chin.....
Like Chris Rock says, "A Father's ONLY job is to keep his Daughter off the pole." Looks like Daddy screwed up on a grand scale this time! What a ***in' waste.
WOW. To think everybody and their brother has had this. Who's next in line?
Farr canal..... I'd be up that like a rat up a drainpipe.....
Perfect *10* there...and a redhead...make that a *12*. ha
well she is a very diggin hoe!
man I'd share a cell with her...
wow thats fn sexy
were`s her number