MUG SHOTS: Pretty Perps

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By the way, she looks like she had one toke too many......
Hey, there but for t, maybe you should be there to bail all of these law abide'n gals out of jail, cause you know they didn't do it!
i think its funny what there but for t typed i want to ask you a question if you have all that crap to say then why are you even on a website like this you homocrite
Ah, just ignore the American Tragedy and it will all go away with your mind ...
We don't know what kind of life experience these women have had that brought them to this sad place. Any one of them could be your sister or your daughter; any one of them could suffer from a thousand forms of abuse. What kind of poor, sick, sad, sorry, self absorbed person makes all of these contemptuous comments and snarky remarks? I hope these women find the support they need from people who care about them...and there are people who do care and value them as human beings.