MUG SHOTS: Classics

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I swear i have seen this guy on an episode of the outer limits.
greetings earthlings I am Glaxnor from the planet remulac. I have come to collect data on humans, followed by anal probing.
I'll be back....
This is your hemophiliac on sporks...
Looks like Max Headroom..or Eraserhead...creepy looking..
Dang, dude. His lips are bloody, too. Comb your hair down in a swoosh in front, it'll help.
where's butthead?
Death from a thousand papercuts gone wrong...
Bevis twin brother.
Cornholio? heh... he heh...
does this shirt make my forehead look big ?????????
Frankenstein I presume?
This is why incest is illegal.
Add a couple of electodes to the neck and the look will be complete.
Paint him green too.
Clint Eastwood lookin' a little cut up there on the forehead there...
It's Randy Travis on crack.
Heh heh heh! He said cockpit! Heh heh heh heh!