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Teacher Gave Boy Lap Dance In Texas Classroom

Educator marked victim's 15th birthday with illicit act

Lap Dance

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Lap Dance Teacher

APRIL 25--In celebration of a student’s 15th birthday, a Houston public school teacher gave the boy a “full contact lap dance” in front of her entire class, an encounter that resulted yesterday in the educator’s arrest on a felony charge.

As detailed in a probable cause affidavit, Felicia Smith, 42, admitted to performing the lap dance when questioned by cops. Smith, a Stovall Middle School teacher, claimed that “the class convinced her” to perform the lap dance, which lasted about four minutes and was accompanied by recorded music.

Police first learned of the February 26 performance earlier this month, and subsequently interviewed the boy and his mother. Additionally, investigators obtained a videotape of the lap dance, which was apparently shot by another student.

After the boy entered Smith’s classroom around 10:20 AM, the educator “grabbed a chair and placed it next to her desk.” The teenager told cops that fellow students were “yelling and telling him to sit down on the chair that was placed by Ms. Smith.”

As music played, the victim recalled, Smith sat down on his lap “with her buttocks making contact with his penis while she began to move back and forth.” The action caused the boy to “have an erected penis,” cops noted. Smith, the boy said, also “fondled him with her hands by touching him all over his body.” The teen admitted that he “slapped Ms. Smith buttocks a few times.”

Near the lap dance's conclusion, Smith “got on her two knees and placed her head between” the boy’s legs, police allege. “I love you baby, Happy Birthday,” Smith reportedly said as she hugged the boy.

Charged with improper relationship with a student, Smith is free on $30,000 bond, and is scheduled for a May 22 court hearing. (2 pages)