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Drug Suspect's Cake Claim Was Half-Baked

Ex-con said MDMA stash was sugar, corn starch

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Dumb Geneus

JANUARY 4--You just expect more from a Geneus.

After police found a scale and bags containing white and brown substances in his backpack, a Florida Man claimed that he was carrying “a bag of sugar and a bag of corn starch to bake a cake,” according to an arrest report.

Investigators say that ex-con Jethro Geneus, 30, was a passenger in a Honda that was pulled over by Port St. Lucie cops around 3 AM on New Year’s Eve. Geneus, seen at right, was removed from the car after officers determined that he was the subject of an outstanding arrest warrant.

A subsequent search of a backpack that was at Geneus’s feet on the front floorboard revealed “two large bags of a white and brown substance,” cops report. Geneus, who reportedly claimed ownership of the backpack, said that the seized substances were actually ingredients for a cake to be baked.

However, a field test revealed that both substances--which weighed a combined two-thirds of a pound--contained Ecstasy. In addition to a narcotics trafficking count, Geneus was charged with introducing contraband into a detention facility after he allegedly dropped a bag of meth while in custody at the county jail.

Geneus is locked up in lieu of $47,500 bond.

Geneus’s rap sheet includes convictions for burglary, marijuana possession, providing a false name to police, resisting, and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was released from state prison in March 2020 after serving about five years for burglarizing a Fort Pierce home. Cops discovered Geneus hiding under a bed in the residence, while his accomplice was found in possession of a “Dora the Explorer bag,” which was apparently intended to be used to carry purloined items. (2 pages)