Naked Women Lead Cops On High-Speed Chases

Trio claimed to be “air drying” near Interstate 75

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Trio Sans Clothes

APRIL 11--Three naked women fresh from "showering" at a Florida rest area told cops they were “air drying” in public when spotted by a witness who called 911, precipitating high-speed chases that resulted in the trio’s arrest on multiple felony charges.

The witness, cops say, reported that the women were at an Interstate 75 rest stop Wednesday morning, and that “all three of them” were “standing in the nude putting on suntan lotion.”

When a Florida Highway Patrol trooper arrived at the rest stop, the naked women explained that they had simply been “air drying” in the nude after showering. One woman said that the trio had spent the night at the rest area after leaving a local residence “due to an altercation.”

With no bathing facilities available, they opted for al fresco showers on a lawn. A trooper noted that a case of water and a bottle of soap was on the ground next to the suspects.

Before the cop could complete her investigation, however, the trio jumped into their Nissan Sentra and drove off on the highway.

The car was subsequently tracked to the parking lot of a convenience store that the trio--now apparently clothed--had entered. When a trooper sought to arrest one of the women leaving the store, the driver of the Nissan allegedly tried to strike him with the vehicle.

At that point, another woman exited the car with a pink baseball bat and approached the trooper, prompting another officer to ram the Nissan. The car drove away, prompting another police chase.

After cops deployed stop sticks that deflated the Nissan’s right side tires, a PIT maneuver brought the chase to a conclusion (as seen in the above police cam footage).

When the women refused to exit the auto, a cop broke out a window. The trio, arms interlocked, resisted arrest to the point that each was tasered before being taken into custody.

Investigators identified the car’s driver as Oasis Shakira McLeod, 18, and the passengers as Jeniyah McLeod and Cecilia Eunique Young, both 19. The women were charged with fleeing to elude, resisting arrest, aggravated assault, indecent exposure, and marijuana possession. The younger McLeod was also hit with a DUI count.

The defendants were locked up in the Pasco County jail in advance of a court appearance on the felony case. According to court records, Young is a Tampa resident, while the McLeods live in Kingston, New York, a city about 90 miles north of New York City. The Nissan driven by the younger McLeod had New York license plates. (3 pages)