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"Godfather" Fan Makes Offer Police Refuse

Suspect insisted name was "Michael Corleone"

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"Godfather" Fan

JUNE 21--A suspect who repeatedly identified himself as “Michael Corleone” was jailed for providing police with a false name, according to an arrest affidavit.

Florida cops allege that James Ransom--carrying open containers of Natural Light beer and Captain Morgan rum--caused a disturbance Thursday night on the boardwalk at Indian Rocks Beach, just west of St. Petersburg.

Ransom, 54, was allegedly seen accosting and “yelling loudly at citizens,” according to a sheriff’s deputy.

After being detained, Ransom repeatedly told cops that his name was “Michael Corleone.” But when deputies did a computer check on the name, they came up empty. It was only after Ransom was “submitted to a fingerprint scan” that investigators confirmed he did not actually share a name with Al Pacino’s character in the “Godfather” movies.

In addition to being charged with providing a false name to law enforcement, Ransom was also cited for disorderly intoxication. Ransom yesterday pleaded no contest to both misdemeanor counts. After entering his plea, Ransom was released from the county jail after serving two days in custody.

Ransom, who is listed as a transient in court records, has a rap sheet with scores of arrests and convictions for crimes like drunk driving; disorderly conduct; trespassing; assault; grand theft auto, possession of drugs without a prescription; and battery on a law enforcement officer. (1 page)