The "Treasures" Hunters

Another Texas roundup as cops raid strip club for third time in year


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The "Treasures" Hunters

JANUARY 28--For the third time in a year, police have raided an upscale Houston strip joint and busted dancers on assorted charges, including prostitution.

As cops have done previously (see here and here), undercover vice squad officers spent weeks in the Treasures club, where they were frequently approached by dancers who allegedly offered sex for cash. A dozen women were arrested during the January 11 raid; 10 of them are pictured in these Harris County Sheriff's Office mug shots.

Of the strippers pictured, the first eight were hit with prostitution counts, while the last two were charged with violating statutes governing Houston's sexually oriented business (such as the "two foot rule"). (10 pages)

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Wow. The potential for two consenting adults having sex, cash is exchanged. Pretty serious crime considering all the things going on in Texas (illegal immigration, drug cartels, gang warfare, etc.) Glad to see the cops have this at the top of their list of priorities!!