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Stripper Sextet In Dirty Dancing Bust

Florida women nabbed after getting too close for patrons's comfort

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Stripper Sextet In Dirty Dancing Bust

JANUARY 11--Meet the ladies of Cabaret Internationale. The six exotic dancers pictured here were just busted as part of an undercover operation run by the Seminole County Sheriff's Office.

According to investigators, the gals were blatantly violating a local ordinance forbidding strippers from dancing within three feet of patrons. Of course, when agents showed up at the Casselberry, Florida club early Saturday morning, the 36-inch rule was being gloriously ignored.

As recounted in these incident reports, agents saw two performers touching, kissing, and spanking each other's buttocks. One cop reported that during a $12 lap dance, one performer's rear came in contact with his thigh.

Another officer claimed that dancer Kelly Jennings (a/k/a Foxy) "broke the plane" between his knees. Lena Johnson was charged when an undercover cop spotted her placing her hands on a patron's thighs, which she allegedly followed up by leaning into the man's crotch.

For doing their jobs, the sextet was booked into the John E. Polk Correctional Facility, where they were released after posting bond. For those keeping score at home, the arrestees were (clockwise from upper left): Jessica Graham, 27; Ashley Day, 19; Jennings, 24; Heather Levine, 27; Johnson, 19; and Tamica Smith, 22. (7 pages)