DOCUMENT: Sex, Crime

Landlord Caught Having Sex In Tenants's Bed

Security cam recorded perp's encounter with man

DECEMBER 2--A Colorado landlord is facing a felony charge after a motion detection camera recorded him having sex with another man in a tenant’s apartment, police report.

According to cops, Carlos Quijada illegally entered the Colorado Springs residence of Logan Pierce and Mikaela DiGiulio in late-November. While the married couple was not home, their four-camera Nest security system was guarding the condominium.

After Quijada, 39, entered the residence, Pierce received a notification on his phone that the Nest system had detected noise in the apartment.

When Pierce subsequently checked the camera feeds, he saw Quijada and another man inside his bedroom.

The video shows the men each removing their pants immediately upon entering the room and then climbing atop the bed. Following a six-minute round of oral and anal sex, Quijada’s partner used one of DiGiulio’s dresses--plucked from a laundry pile--to wipe his genitals. At one point, Quijada uses another garment to attack a lubricant stain left on the green bed sheet.

Pierce, who provided the X-rated security video to TSG, said that the blue dress used as a post-sex clean-up rag was worn by his wife at the couple’s March wedding ceremony.

Pierce and DiGiulio--who rented the $1100-a-month apartment after responding in July to a Craigslist ad--vacated the premises shortly after Quijada used their home as a hook-up spot. The couple is now living at a Super 8 hotel where DiGiulio is employed (and where Pierce works part-time).

After being provided with the security footage, the Colorado Springs Police Department issued an arrest warrant charging Quijada with criminal trespassing, a felony, and misdemeanor obscenity.

Quijada (right) and his partner are seen in the above screenshot from the security video.