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Notorious "Nazi Dad" Is Back Behind Bars

New Jerseyan, 42, named son "Adolf Hitler"

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New Jersey Nazi

MARCH 15-- The New Jersey man who dresses in a Nazi uniform and named one of his sons Adolf Hitler has been arrested on a warrant charging him with assaulting his fiancée.

Cops, who have been hunting for Isidore Heath Campbell for several months, last week nabbed the 42-year-old after the owner of a tattoo shop in Pennsylvania dialed 911 to report that the wannabe Nazi was in his parlor.

Campbell is being held in the Cumberland County jail until his extradition to New Jersey.

Campbell previously appeared in these pages in mid-2013, when he went to Family Court for a hearing regarding his petition for visitation rights with his youngest son.

The child and his three older siblings--one of whom is named Adolf Hitler Campbell--had been removed from the custody of Campbell and his wife due to allegations of child abuse. One of Campbell’s daughters was given the middle name “Aryan Nation.”

As seen in the above photo, Campbell attended the New Jersey court proceedings in full Nazi regalia. Campbell, who wears a Hitler-style mustache, is the founder of the hate group Hitler’s Order.

Campbell lost custody of the three older children after a judge ruled that he had refused to cooperate with treatment recommended by the Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS). State officials wanted Campbell to participate in “marital, individual, and anger management counseling,” according to an appellate court ruling.

A judicial order noted that Campbell’s resistance to such treatment was evident by a tattoo of his that reads, “I hate DYFS.”

During the legal proceedings involving his youngest child, Campbell was repeatedly ordered to submit to psychological testing, since such an evaluation would provide the court with information necessary to decide whether Campbell could be unified with his young son, who was born in November 2011.

The appellate court noted, however, that it was “undisputed” that Campbell “refused to be evaluated because the psychologist scheduled to conduct the evaluation was Jewish.” The court ruling alternately refers to Campbell by his initials (“I.H.C.”) or the alias “Ian.”

During the pendency of the Family Court case, Campbell “declined to disclose his whereabouts or attend a court hearing because he stated he was fearful for his life.” He claimed that Hitler’s Order was protecting him since “law enforcement doesn't care about someone with Swastikas and tattoos.”

Campbell first made headlines in 2008 after a New Jersey supermarket refused his wife’s request to spell out their son’s name on a birthday cake. Though the couple’s “Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler” gambit was rejected by a ShopRite manager, the duo succeeded in getting a cake decorated at a Walmart in Pennsylvania (which prompted a review of the store’s rules governing such decorations). In addition to the boy’s name, the couple had asked ShopRite to include a swastika on the birthday cake. (7 pages)