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Woman Charged With Torturing Incapacitated Man

Cops: Alabaman assaulted victim, 24, with sex toy

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Alabama Torture

JUNE 21--An Alabama woman has been charged with the sexual torture of a 25-year-old man who was “under the influence of GHB” and bound with duct tape when he was assaulted, according to court filing.

In a charge sheet filed this week, Jennifer Johnson, 36, was accused of violating the incapacitated man with a sex toy at a residence in Cottondale, a Tuscaloosa suburb.

Police learned of the March 19 attack when they discovered incriminating videos on Johnson’s phone following her arrest last month for possession of a stolen Honda Civic. At the time of her May 10 bust, Johnson “stated she was a prostitute,” according to a court filing.

The “multiple videos” found on Johnson’s phone, investigators say, showed her “penetrating the victim’s anus with a dildo.” The man was “under the influence” of the date-rape drug GHB and “physically helpless,” investigators allege.

The victim “was also bound with duct tape around his mouth, wrists, and ankles,” according to a deposition and charge sheet that notes that Johnson “jokes and laughs throughout the videos.”

Court filings do not indicate what, if any, relationship Johnson (seen above) has with the victim, who remained unconscious during the entirety of the recorded assault.

Since her arrest last month, Johnson has been held in the Tuscaloosa County jail on $20,000 bond. Her bond was upped this week to $80,000 in light of the new felony sexual torture charge. (2 pages)