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Naked Man On Leash Prompts Criminal Probe

Woman spotted “walking” hooded beau next to road

Bondage Hood

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Naked Man On Leash

JULY 30--West Virginia prosecutors are mulling criminal charges against a couple spotted yesterday morning engaging in some naked bondage play alongside U.S. Route 40 in West Virginia, according to police.

Responding to a 9:30 AM call “in regards to a female allegedly walking a naked man on a leash,” Ohio County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrived at an intersection in Wheeling and began interviewing area residents.

A female witness told deputies that the female suspect “had a leash tied to a male,” who was wearing a hood and appeared to have his feet and ankles bound. He “also had an unidentified object sticking out of his anus,” according to a police report.

In short order, deputies identified Barbara Jean “B.J.” Geardello, 53, as the woman holding the dog leash. In an interview, Geardello “stated that it was a sex game and they meant no harm by it.” Robert Deyell, identified in the report as Geardello’s boyfriend, was the hooded man on the leash.

Deyell, 56, “had obvious ligature marks on his ankles,” reported deputies, who added that Deyell “stated he was a willing participant and was not injured.”

As seen in the above photo, a passing motorist photographed Geardello and Deyell outside an apartment building (where a friend of the couple resides). Geardello and Deyell live in Washington, Pennsylvania, about 30 miles from Wheeling.

Sheriff’s investigators have forwarded a copy of their report to Ohio County prosecutors, who are expected to make a charging decision in the case next week.

While being questioned by deputies, Geardello (pictured above left) expressed her displeasure with a witness who had spotted her walking the naked Deyell. Geardello told investigators she was “offended that a passerby had called her a freak.” (1 page)