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Creepy Bieber Lookalike Busted In Sexting Case

Cops: Educator paid bounty each time boy “jacked it”


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Charles Hurst Affidavit

SEPTEMBER 27--An assistant principal at a Pennsylvania middle school--a 37-year-old man with a Justin Bieber haircut--was arrested for a creepy sexting relationship with a teenage boy whom the educator allegedly encouraged to masturbate and offered money for each time he “jacked it.”

Charles Hurst befriended the boy, now 14, when he was an administrator at Pennbrook Middle School, which the child attended, according to a criminal complaint filed by Montgomery County prosecutors.

Hurst was charged Friday with endangering the welfare of a child, corruption of minors, and cocaine possession. A copy of the charging document can be found here.

In April, Hurst was appointed an assistant principal at the Murray Avenue middle school in Lower Moreland Township. He previously worked as a vice principal at neighboring Pennbrook.

In a newspaper story reporting his recent hiring, Hurst said, “My whole philosophy is about getting to know people and each child on an individual level and I think Lower Moreland will give me a better opportunity to do that.” He added that he was looking forward to teaching older students since there “is a whole lot of energy that they bring to the school. They’re so willing to try new things and explore other options.”

After meeting the alleged victim at school, Hurst--pictured at right in a driver’s license photo--began spending a lot of time with the boy, taking him on ski trips, working out together, and going on distance runs. Hurst also allegedly gave the boy an allowance and purchased him gifts.

The boy told investigators that Hurst frequently quizzed him on whether he masturbated and advised that the act was “good and healthy and that it would help him grow and make him smarter and happy.” Hurst, the complaint alleges, told the child about “different ways to masturbate that would feel better.”

The boy estimated that Hurst would bring up the topic of masturbation “twice a day either at school or through text messages” and that the school administrator “gave him an extra $1 in his allowance each time he ‘jacked it’ (masturbated) and reported it to Hurst,” according to the complaint.

A review of text messages on the boy’s phone “confirmed the masturbation conversations” between the teen and Hurst, reported Detective James Reape. “So I’m going to sleep buddy,” Hurst wrote in one text. “remember ur week is run, jack it, and read in that order! Love you--goodnight!!” Another text advised, “Jack 1x evry 2 days, keep face clean, and.”

The boy also said that Hurst had created a list of things he wanted to do with him, including teaching the teen how to put on a condom, going to a Phillies game, and teaching the boy’s younger brother how to “jack off.” Hurst also allegedly convinced the boy to briefly show him his penis so that the educator could “see how far along the Minor was in puberty.”

As cops were preparing to arrest Hurst, he contacted the Montgomery Township Police Department last Tuesday to claim that his cell phone “had a virus and that inappropriate text messages were sent to a former student.” After Hurst granted consent for police to conduct a search of his car, officers found three baggies with cocaine in the glove box. They also recovered a loaded firearm from underneath the driver’s seat (though Hurst has a concealed weapons permit).

Hurst is free on $100,000 bond. (3 pages)

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Bieber no, Creepber yes.
I know that it's wrong to judge someone by a haircut but if I were a parent, I would take one look at this guy and say not just no but hell no. If there was a picture in a dictionary next to the word pedophile, it would be the one above. Makes my skin crawl just looking at it.