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Boy, 9, Assaulted Teacher After His iPad Was Seized

Cops called to South Carolina school as child erupted

Child Using iPad

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Assault Over iPad

OCTOBER 3--Cops were called to a South Carolina school after a nine-year-old boy went on a rampage after a teacher took away an iPad he was using in class, according to police.

The young suspect became enraged last week after a 26-year-old teacher at Oakdale Elementary School in Rock Hill confiscated iPads being used by several students who were being loud and unruly.

Deprived of his Apple tablet, the child crawled under a desk, then emerged to begin flipping over chairs in the classroom. After being ushered into a hallway by the teacher, the 5’ 2”, 125-pound boy “began to stomp on her feet repeatedly.”

The child, whose name is redacted from the police report, had to subsequently be restrained by two other teachers and an assistant principal. The boy’s stomping left his teacher with a “bruised and swollen” left foot, according to a Rock Hill Police Department incident report.

After officers arrived at the school, the boy--who was not arrested for his iPad outburst--was released into his mother’s custody.

Two fellow students “were disorderly” during the September 26 iPad incident and had to be separated by school administrators, though they “were able to be calmed.” (2 pages)