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Mobile Home Park Beef Led To Roadway Brawl

Allegation of stolen jewelry prompted tussle

JUNE 26 UPDATE: Second pugilist is arrested for roadway free-for-all. Brittany Mansfield, 24, is charged with misdemeanor assault for punching a rival in the face. Mansfield is also accused of communicating threats to physically injure Amanda Rose Gomez (who was the first combatant to be collared). Mansfield and Gomez, 28, are next-door neighbors at the Pine Lake Mobile Home Park.

JUNE 12--The women recorded brawling last week in the middle of a North Carolina intersection exchanged blows over allegations of jewelry theft at a mobile home park, police say.

The June 4 fracas in Alamance County has resulted in the arrest of one woman on two misdemeanor assault counts. Additional charges are expected to be filed against other combatants seen in a viral video posted by Twitter user Timia Goins.

According to investigators, the women initially argued outside neighboring residences at the Pine Lake Mobile Home Park after one faction claimed that a ring had been stolen from their home (and they suspected the thief lived next door).

When one group of women got in their car and drove away, the neighbors followed in their ride. The cars--two women in one vehicle, three in the other--subsequently stopped at the intersection of Trollingwood Hawfields Road and Senator Ralph Scott Parkway. Four women then emerged from the vehicles around 3:35 PM and immediately began exchanging blows.

The motorist who recorded a portion of the fight exclaimed, “What type of shit is this?” as punches flew. Between giggles, the female narrator wondered whether one woman getting pummeled was pregnant and announced, “Oh, Grandma getting out the car” when an elderly woman--brawler #5--exited a blue sedan to twice strike a prone opponent.

Among the 29-second video’s many highlights is an ankle tackle so perfectly executed that the clip should be shown at Pop Warner clinics.

The pugilist already popped is Amanda Rose Gomez, 28, who was arrested on a magistrate’s warrant accusing her of two counts of simple assault. In the video, Gomez--who initially is seen wearing a mint-colored baseball cap--throws multiple right hands at the woman who prompted the narrator’s pregnancy query.

Court warrants allege that Gomez punched and threw to the ground Brittany Mansfield, 24. She is also charged with punching and pulling the hair of Amy Figueroa, 42, Mansfield's mother. The woman last seen joining the fight is Linda Mansfield, 64, Figueroa’s mother (and Brittany Mansfield’s grandmother). The three generations of central North Carolina street fighters are pictured below.

Gomez is seen above in a mug shot taken following her April 2018 arrest for larceny.

Gomez, who did not respond to TSG messages seeking comment about the roadway clash, is a tattoo enthusiast who has “Redrum” inked on her left hand. On her Facebook page, Gomez describes herself as “Mommy first.. precious second” and includes a selfie with her young daughter.

When a friend posted the viral fight video on her Facebook page a day after the incident, Gomez offered a succinct comment: “OMG. SMH.”