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Female Trio Busted For Street Brawl Gone Viral

Video shows victims swarmed outside Delaware home

Delaware street brawl

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Dover Street Brawl Affidavit

3/9 UPDATE: Cops bust four more Dover street brawlers

MARCH 7--A wild street brawl captured on video (and gone viral online) has resulted in the arrest of three female assailants and Delaware cops are confident that additional busts will follow.

As seen in the below video (which contains profanities), a verbal dispute turned violent when two Dover residents were attacked by a swarm of neighbors who punched and stomped the victims in front of their East Reed Street home.

Police began investigating the March 2 attack shortly after receiving a 911 call about “a large fight at that location,” according to Captain Tim Stump of the Dover Police Department.

On Thursday, cops arrested Gloria Bolden, 44; Latasha Wright, 22; and Jazzmen Bolden, 19, in connection with the beating (they are pictured below, left to right). Each defendant was charged with disorderly conduct, conspiracy, and two counts of assault.

According to a probable cause affidavit, the female victim, 33, was briefly hospitalized after suffering fractured ribs and a collapsed lung during the attack. The male victim, 24, received stitches for a laceration on his head.

In an e-mail, Stump noted that he was “confident more arrests will follow.” That police probe is likely being aided by the fight video, which surfaced over the weekend and clearly shows many of the suspects who participated in the beating. (1 page)

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What a shame.. There are many reasons (not good) for behavior like this - rooted back to before any of us were born - including perpetual racism - both ways, up until present day. When people are not taught of hope, respect, what is right / wrong, as children - this is the end result. Another comment or 2 mention the 'hood'. Why is there a 'hood'? What creates a 'hood'. Is it the fact that fair education (earlier generations) was not available, or jobs? Ignorance is passed down from parents - not totally blaming them because it was most likely passed down to them as well, again, both white and black. I've seen the same ignorance displayed by poor 'white folk'. I have family members who are racist and it ticks me off to no end because they have no good reason for it - but they conveniently use videos like this as their rationale. Men, man up.. Women, woman up.. Break this chain of stupidity. There are the good and bad of all races. They can be better if people give them a chance and they are taught they are important - that everyone is important. Let's get past the colors because they aren't going away any time soon.
Off to jail/prison they go resulting in a further drain on our economy! That white couple should have just gone inside and started looking for a new place STAT. Maybe they were trying to cut corners by living in the 'hood to pay off some credit card debt or something...but really? There is no reasoning with a racially-tense, mob mentality when you're grossly out numbered. #NOTWINNING
...and that grinning 44 year-old (guess it's a woman?) is old enough to know better! That's a real nice example you're setting for the younger generation there. They should REALLY lock your *ss up and lose the freakin' key!!
Wait, hold up, Jazzmen is a girl? You're telling me that's a girl? No wonder black people are so angry - look at their women.
She was named after her daddy... he was a Jazz man. But it was a big group and they weren't sure which one, so they named her "Jazzmen."
for her sake at least he was not a garbage man
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Uuuuugly bitches
Why aren't they going after Malcolm X in his Members Only jackei? He got some cheap shots in on the lady
Notice all the good black neighbors that tried to help them. No, you didn't because none of the neighbors tried to help them - because they were white. It doesn't matter how much you don't have a problem with blacks. They have a problem with you. The one black woman who did see injustice was the one who recorded this video. Good for her. Not all dogs are bad either, but you might want to avoid pit bulls.
I applaud you looking for a silver lining in this cloud but you're mistaken by assuming this woman recorded it to serve as justice. She recorded it for its viral opportunity. is THE place to upload/view black-on-white fights or fighting in general. If she were as good as you and I both wish she were, this video would have gone straight to the police and not online.
All those people are a disgrace to both their races. You can tell the white woman was on drugs and the white guy probably was, too. They were too messed up to go into the house and shut the door. And the white woman was just asking for it. I don't see how the commenters who defended her actions could think she was an innocent white victim. After all, she was acting and talking so much like her black neighbors, that alone night have been enough to tick them off. That's what white people get for crossing that race line for drugs. That said, the black people have a habit of ganging up on other races and you could tell they were enjoying the power they held over the two lone white 'victims'. Like I've said before on this website....we can blame Obama for pitting blacks and whites against each other. We will see more of this type of behavior in the near future.
Why do you think the white girl should have gone inside? She isn't entitled to sit on her porch in a black hood?
Well, if she didn't want what she got, then she should have shut up gone inside and called the cops if she felt threatened. That's just common sense. She probably didn't though because she was obviously too drugged up. I'm telling you that white girl isn't some innocent angel. If you'd listen to the audio, the neighbors knew her and previously tried to help her with something. Sounded like she and her boyfiriend had a domestic fight and they pulled him off her. You know how those druggies and drunks do....they fight each other and then fight you when you try to help. Anyway, birds of a feather, stick together even though they fight each other, especially whenever drugs are involved and that probably goes for the whole neighborhood.
Another naive liberal white couple moves into a black neighborhood and 'surprise' the black neighborhood jumps them. And because they will never show black on white crime on television the cycle continues. How much do you want to bet that somebody warned them and that person was told that they were just a racist.
At least it's good to see that people are waking up to the fact the 'Hate Crime' is only applied to white people.
why did`nt the asshat in grey sweatpants get arressted he never shut his mouth and would have got his ass beat without his ass buddy to protect him. Nothing but a pack of trash dogs
A couple of things. First: it's spelled "Grammar". Second: I'm just going to come out and say it. Perhaps slavery wasn't such a bad idea in the first place. Look what has happened giving this subculture freedom. They have given almost nothing back to this nation aside from music, and that was the older generation. Modern day blacks - are primarily nothing but thugs, and ghetto lowlifes. Third: The fact this isn't being called a hate-crime is abhorrent. Fourth: I do believe I'm one of the few responders on here who has used proper grammar and punctuation, and has actually taken the time to type everything out, instead of talking like a text message. Fifth: I'm white and educated. Simple explanation.
All I can say is WOW!!! I feel bad for the 2 victims (white people) the house must have been a steal, the realtor must have showed it to them on either the 1st or the 15th. Enough said.
This video is fake.
It's a shame the word 'Hate Crime' will not come out of this..... but had the roles been reversed......
I do hope that all of those grinning criminals yet to be apprehended, will be identified, arrested, indicted, convicted, sentenced and placed securely behind prison bars for this obvious hate crime....let them spend time in jail grinning and boasting foolish ignorance. These animals do not represent the Black community at large...
WOW. what a way to REP the black communities this is only gonna make our race more offensive and mor segregated. GOOD***JOB ladies
Wait - the first picture on the left is a woman? I see why she's so angry. buncha punk savages - can't handle shiat one on one, they need the whole *** neighborhood.
and the worst part isn't even the fight. what's worse is now they have to go back and live in that zoo every day. oh...i take it back. zoo animals are more civilized.
If it was the other way around they would be charged more serious hate crimes and be labeled racist. Seems to me they would have better things to do like sell drugs and run from the po po.
Just another bunch of *** ***....
Typical. They are lowlifes and proven by the ball sack that punched and kicked a woman, they're scumbags as well. The stupid b that took a cheap shot needs to be curbed and the rest need to catch a few pellets from a street sweeper.
Fatherless welfare garbage. Questions?
look dont be sayin that shiat cuz not everybody with out a dad is like that bitch.... keep it the Fark clean ya dummy
not all but MOST are dead beat fathers whether they're in prison or just don't care. Obviously this savage bunch is missing an element of parental supervision and/or guidance.
just an unfortunate set of circumstances
Another day, yet another example of a demographic sadly used by the democratic party. White liberals can pat themselves on the back for taking a once proud culture and reducing it to thuggery, ignorance and perpetual welfare. For what? So that they'll have a huge block of obligated, dependents that will compliantly climb aboard the yellow buses on election day.
Any hot ones? No? Moving along..To be kinda fair, Delaware is a boring state with absolutely nothing to do. Watch 'Wayne's World' if you need a refresher.
I expect nothing less from this group of Yo's. Just look at the mugs. A hundred bucks says the three of them don't have a combined education of 10 years. The white chick should get a lawyer and sue them for their food stamps. Poor Jazzman shouldn't be hanging out with his grandmom Gloria. He should go back to school where he was last year and finish the 7th grade.
N words all around.
*BINGO* on that comment!!!
Why cant I ever see a fare fight its always 6 ppl on one and the chick in the red well that was a bunch of b.s she cheap shoted the white girl.
Why is it that people are incapable of using correct spelling, punctuation and grammar? It always seems to be the bigoted ones who show a lack of education.'s spelled "GRAMMER"....look it up in the dictionery
Its grammar moron.
He is a victim of modern day teachers unions and what passes for a public school education. Nevertheless, his point is valid and it seems you have no rebuttal.
Does it matter to you that she is white? You are a racist punk, and I'll cash your welfare check if you sign it over to me.
And this isn't a hate crime?
This is a great example of why people need to stay with their own races, you simply can never trust anyone outside of your own race.
You can never trust ANYONE returd. How about you go back to school before you come making your sweeping generalisations. Mommas' basement isn't as safe as it at first appears.
Sweetie, I think you should go back to school as your basic English is simply atrocious. Even with spell check, you still can't figure it out. English 101 returd = I think you meant "retard" which is an equally offensive word as the N word generalisations = the proper spelling is "generalizations" Mommas' = this is plural possessive. I think you meant Momma's as that is singular possessive. You're welcome. Glad I could be of assistance.