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Zimmerman: "This Will All Work Out For Me"

In jail letter, accused killer pitched donation to his site

George Zimmerman

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Zimmerman Jail Letter

MAY 17--Days before bonding out of a Florida jail, George Zimmerman wrote that he believed “this will all work out for me in the future,” adding, “I have given my burden to the Lord and he has blessed me with tremendous patience!”

In response to a letter of support sent by an Ohio man who sought to deposit money in his jail account, the accused murderer of Trayvon Martin explained that he was only allowed to accept funds from individuals on his approved list of visitors.

“The best way to send your support is through prayer!” wrote Zimmerman, 28, who noted that, “if you insist on sending funds, the best way is through my website.” He added that the site,, “accepts checks and credit card payments via PayPal.”

Zimmerman wrote that, “My attorney seems cautiously optimistic about me receiving bond tomorrow and I will put funds received through my website towards my bond.” However, during Zimmerman’s April 20 bond hearing, no mention of the web site’s substantial revenues was made by the accused killer or his lawyer. Zimmerman, who was freed on $150,000 bond, had already raised about $200,000 by that time, his lawyer subsequently acknowledged.

In his handwritten two-page letter sent from the John E. Polk Correctional Facility in Sanford, Zimmerman apologized for his penmanship. “I never had good penmanship and I thought it didn’t matter since all communication would be through a keyboard,” he stated.

A copy of the letter was provided to TSG by the Ohio man, who said he wrote to offer support after hearing reports about bounties being purportedly offered to harm Zimmerman. The neighborhood watch captain has been charged with second-degree murder in connection with the February shooting of the unarmed Martin, 17, who was killed by a single shot to the chest.

Zimmerman--who was released from custody on April 23--closed the missive by noting that he has placed “another order for pens, pencils and paper today.” He added, “I will try to write as often as possible.”

Pictured above leaving jail, Zimmerman signed the letter “Your Friend, George.” (2 pages)