Obama Stimulating The Economy

Trademark applicants jumping on the President-elect's brand wagon

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Obama Already Stimulating The Economy

NOVEMBER 11--Barack Obama's ascension to the White House is creating a lot of business for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, where officials are contending with dozens of applications for trademarks incorporating the president-elect's name.

A review of USPTO records shows pending filings include stuffed toys ("Bearak Obama," as seen here, and "ObamaLlama"), fresh and frozen vegetables ("Broccoli Obama"), and assorted t-shirts and novelties ("Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da O-ba-ma" and "Who's Yo'bama Now?").

Ronald Jacobs, a Hawaii resident, filed a trademark application for "Obamaland" two days before the Democrat's November 4 election. Though the "Obamaland" logo could lead one to believe that Jacobs seeks to open an amusement park, he actually want to market educational publications and guides, among other products.

Several applicants have turned the future president's surname into an acronym, like "Officially Bridging America Motivating Americans" and "Our Best Answer For Managing America."

And while some entrepreneurs have a dim view of Obama ("Obamanation," and "Obama bin Biden") most, like Californian Evelyn Coyle, are big fans. Coyle, a 48-year-old university administrator, told TSG she considers Obama an "inspirational" figure and hopes that all kids will now go to bed and dream that they might one day become president. To that end, Coyle paid $275 and filed a trademark application on Election Day for the term "Obamajamas." (6 pages)