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Couple Used Playgound As Tunnel Of Love

Police caught duo having sex inside kiddy park

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Tunnel Of Love

JUNE 8--Responding to a 9:10 AM tip about a couple trysting in a Florida park, a patrolman discovered a man performing a sex act on his girlfriend within the “children’s crawling tunnel” at Pocahontas Park in Vero Beach, according to an arrest affidavit.

When the cop arrived at the park Friday morning, he reported observing Sharon Finlay, 52, “laying on her back face up, with her jean shorts pulled around her ankles (nude) with her legs spread apart and vagina exposed.”

Finlay’s companion, Germain Jackson, 44, was atop Finlay “with his face within [her] crotch area.”

Asked what they were doing, Finlay told the cop the couple was “making out.” Jackson was more direct. “I was eating some pussy,” he said.

Adjacent to the playground's crawling tunnel (seen below) was a bottle of Gulf Crest vodka and two cans of Four Loko. Finlay reportedly explained that, “We were both drinking the Four Loko and the vodka, you only live once.”

Finlay and Jackson were each arrested for possession of an open container and booked into the Indian River County jail, where they remain behind bars in lieu of $500 bond.

The pair escaped additional charges related to their crawling tunnel antics since “there were no further complainants who reported seeing the above-mentioned incident,” the affidavit notes.

Finlay and Jackson are scheduled to be arraigned July 6 on the misdemeanor charge. (1 page)