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Naked Old Guys Arrested For Public Tryst

Florida officially emerges from COVID doldrums

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Florida Is Back

JULY 2--If you need further proof that Florida has fully emerged from the pandemic doldrums, two nude old guys were arrested Wednesday evening after police spotted them having sex in public, records show.

According to an arrest report, a St. Petersburg cop caught Daniel McCleary, 60, and Donald Engstrom, 59, “engaged in sexual acts while completely naked and in public view.” The duo was collared around 10:25 PM in the vicinity of a small park.

After the pair was arrested, Engstrom reportedly admitted that “they were in fact having sex,” Officer Zachary Lamour reported.

Pictured above, McCleary and Engstrom were arrested for indecent exposure and booked into the county jail on the misdemeanor charge. Both men were released yesterday on their own recognizance

The report notes that an “indication of alcohol influence” was detected by the arresting officer.

While Engstrom’s rap sheet includes a sole DWI conviction, McCleary has an extensive criminal history, with convictions for battery; resisting arrest; burglary; theft; domestic battery; battery on a law enforcement officer; cocaine possession; trespassing; drunk driving; disorderly conduct; probation violation; and leaving the scene of an accident. (1 page)