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Wife Hit Hubby Who Interrupted Pleasure Session

Victim told cops he "heard moaning from the house"

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Girl, Interrupted

SEPTEMBER 14--A Florida woman struck her estranged husband in the face when he tried to enter her bedroom as she was “pleasuring herself,” according to an arrest affidavit.

Police responding to a domestic disturbance call early last Thursday found Garrett Higgs, 43, standing in the driveway of the Port St. Lucie home he shares with his wife Flavia, 42.

The couple, pictured at right, occupies separate bedrooms in the residence. Higgs told cops that they “had not had any intimate time in over a year.”

Upon entering the home around 12:30 AM, Higgs said he “heard moaning from the house.”

As he investigated the sound, Higgs determined the moaning was emanating from his wife’s bedroom, the door to which was locked. Higgs then banged on the door, but received no answer.

Higgs, cops noted, “thought there was another man in the house and he used a screwdriver to open the door.” At this point, Flavia sought to bar his entry to her bedroom and “tried to physically escort him out.” During the confrontation that ensued, Flavia “struck him in the face,” the affidavit alleges.

During police questioning, Flavia said the couple’s relationship was “failing” and that she “was pleasuring herself” when her spouse “barged into the room.”

Neither party suffered injuries, but since Flavia “was the first to initiate physical contact,” she was arrested on a misdemeanor domestic battery charge. Flavia, a licensed private investigator, was booked at the county jail, from which she was later released. (1 page)