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7-Eleven Worker Survives Cuban Missile Attack

Patron struck employee with pressed sandwich

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Cuban Missile Crisis

FEBRUARY 12--A 7-Eleven worker was struck in the face with a Cuban sandwich thrown by an aggrieved customer who had complained that the food item was not sufficiently warm, according to cops who arrested the patron for battery.

Corinthian Jones, 19, purchased the sandwich Friday night at a 7-Eleven in Bradenton, Florida. Jones, seen at right, got the pressed sandwich to go, a Manatee County Sheriff’s Office report notes.

Jones subsequently “took a couple of bites from one half of the sandwich and discovered it was cold,” a deputy reported. So Jones returned to 7-Eleven and asked clerk Victoria Vazquez, 26, to reheat the Cuban sandwich or return her money.

“The pair got into a verbal altercation at this point,” according to the report.

Jones later asked Vazquez again to reheat the sandwich, a request to which Vazquez agreed. But when the 7-Eleven employee reached for the grub, Jones allegedly “threw the sandwich into the victim’s face.” A witness confirmed Vazquez’s account that she was struck in the face by the Cuban sandwich.

During police questioning, Jones copped to tossing the sandwich, but claimed that Vazquez “caught the sandwich.” Vazquez, cops say, “did not sustain any injury from the sandwich” and declined medical treatment.

Charged with misdemeanor battery, Jones was booked into the county jail. She was released from custody Saturday after posting $120 bond. A judge has ordered Jones to have no contact with Vazquez “or 7-11.” (2 pages)