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BK Brawler Told Cops A Real Whopper

Viral video star gave fake name after Burger King bust

Nekiva Hardy

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BK Brawl Fake Name

MARCH 28--The Alabama woman who recently busted up a Florida Burger King gave cops a fake name, address, and date of birth following her arrest for the melee, a video of which became the latest fast food outburst to go viral via YouTube.

The perp told Panama City Beach cops that her name was Kimesa Smith. She gave her age as 23 and said she lived at 2627 Westgate Street in Montgomery.

In fact, The Smoking Gun has discovered, the suspect’s actual name is Nekiva Vonte Hardy. She is 30 and lives with her children at 2627 Lark Drive in Montgomery. Her rap sheet includes arrests for cocaine possession, criminal mischief, and hindering prosecution.

Hardy, pictured in the above mug shots, is seen at left in the photo taken after the Burger King collar, and at right in the shot snapped following her November 2006 cocaine bust.

Hardy gave Florida cops the name of an acquaintance from Montgomery. In an interview, the real Kimesa Smith told TSG that she was “shocked” to see her name attached to the Burger King incident. Smith, 28, recently completed a two-year prison term (for burglary and theft of property), and is not allowed out of state without her probation officer’s permission.

Smith--who said that she used to have her hair done by Hardy at the Lark Drive residence--could not explain why Hardy would have appropriated her name. Both women attended the same Montgomery high school

At the conclusion of a telephone interview last week, “Smith” asked a reporter to send her an e-mail with a link to the TSG story about her arrest. She provided an address with “nekivahardy” in it. Asked about the address, she claimed that it was the name of her grandmother, who had recently died, and she was using it as a tribute.

A call this morning to Hardy’s phone number this morning revealed that the number is not in service. Hardy’s Facebook page has also been deleted, though a cached version of the profile page was found via Google.

On Friday, Florida prosecutors filed formal charges against “Smith,” accusing her of felony criminal mischief, two counts of misdemeanor battery, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest (she initially was charged with only simple battery, a misdemeanor). Hardy will likely face an additional charge (or charges) for the Smith masquerade. (7 pages)

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Worst part of this is we the taxpayers will have to feed and house this garbage.......
Don't kid yourself. We've been feeding and housing this garbage it's whole life.
Trash will be trash
She lied to the cops? Gee, what a surprise -- she seemed like such a fine, upstanding, honest and productive member of society.