Wendy’s Workers Sold Meth From Eatery, Cops Say

Restaurant raided, four employees are nabbed

JUNE 22--A quartet of fast-food workers sold methamphetamine from a Wendy’s in Georgia, according to police who raided the eatery and busted the employees on narcotics charges.

Investigators allege that the Wendy’s employees sold small amounts of meth both in the parking lot and inside the restaurant in Canton, a city about 40 miles north of Atlanta.

Members of a narcotics task force yesterday executed a search warrant at Wendy’s, while simultaneously arresting the restaurant’s manager, a cook, and two other employees. The meth sales, cops say, had been occurring for several weeks.

Pictured above, clockwise from upper left, are the accused meth dealers: Zachary Donley, 27; Kristal Hogan, 32; Jeffery Justus, 26; and Amanda McCartney, 36. Hogan managed the restaurant, while Donley worked as a cook.

The Wendy’s, seen below, was closed during the police raid, but has subsequently reopened for business (though short several employees).