Cops: Naked Man Said He Was Doing "Walk Of Shame"

Perp claimed 1 AM stroll was cheating penance

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Walk Of Shame

APRIL 1--A man who police saw strolling naked this morning on a South Carolina street told officers that he was doing a “walk of shame” as penance for cheating on his wife, according to an arrest report.

Investigators say that Michael Boatman, 41, was spotted by a sheriff’s deputy around 1:10 AM as he walked on a Spartanburg street with “just a clear bag over his genitals” and a “blunt in his hand.”

Boatman, one cop reported, explained that he was doing a “walk of shame,” which he needed to complete “for his wife.” A second officer noted that Boatman said that he had cheated on his wife and was doing a “walk of shame.” Boatman also reportedly “referenced Adam and Eve from the bible, stating that he was willing to go to jail for his acts.”

Two Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office deputies noted that Boatman, a Spartanburg resident, admitted to earlier taking meth.

While being questioned by police, Boatman allegedly sought to run away from deputies, but was taken to the ground and handcuffed. After being placed in a squad car, Boatman said that he would try to escape from jail and asked a deputy to shoot him.

Pictured above, Boatman was charged with indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, marijuana possession, and resisting police. Boatman’s rap sheet includes three separate domestic violence convictions, court records show. (3 pages)