Slap On Wrist For High School Jerk

Illinois student added special sauce to lunchroom salad dressing

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Slap On Wrist For High School Jerk

MAY 23--An Illinois teenager was sentenced today for a repulsive lunchroom prank involving a bottle of salad dressing that he tainted with a certain bodily fluid.

Marco Raphael Castro, 17, was charged last December with disorderly conduct after he ejaculated into a container of ranch dressing that he had taken into a bathroom at Wheaton North High School. Castro returned the befouled condiment to the student commons, though nobody was sickened as a result of the additional ingredient.

The teenager was sentenced today to 120 hours of community service with an AIDS organization and ordered to pay a $750 fine. He was also ordered to attend counseling, write a letter of apology to the high school, and enroll in college (though expelled from school, Castro had amassed enough credits to graduate).

Castro, pictured in these mug shots, will be eligible to have the misdemeanor convictions expunged from his record if he stays out of trouble for two years.

Parents at the school learned of the "very unusual and disgusting incident" via a letter from principal Jill Bullo, who reported that the school's food service staff, "has changed to larger, less portable containers that will make it difficult for any similar incident to occur in the future." (2 pages)

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The students said that the new dressing was hard to had a slightly nutty flavor...... Possible job for him....Jack Sauce maker at Jack In The Box....