Schwarzenegger Sues Over Bobblehead Doll

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Schwarzenegger Sues Over Bobblehead Doll

MAY 4--Making good on his threat, Arnold Schwarzenegger has filed a lawsuit against the Ohio company selling a bobblehead doll featuring the name and likeness of the California governor.

The politician/actor filed suit last Friday against the Ohio Discount Merchandise company, alleging that the small firm had improperly hijacked his image for commercial purposes.

The Los Angeles Superior Court complaint came a day after Schwarzenegger lawyer Martin Singer sent the bobblehead firm a blistering letter (a copy of which you'll find here) noting that Schwarzenegger was entitled to "substantial damages" for the "unauthorized commercial exploitation" of the Republican pol's image on the $19.99 doll.

With the exception of movie promotion, Singer noted that Schwarzenegger does not permit the use of his likeness on commercial products in the United States.

The Schwarzenegger doll, which went on sale about a month ago, is one of several bobbleheads featuring politicians that the Ohio firm sells (John Kerry, Wesley Clark, and Howard Dean also retail for $19.99, while George W. Bush would only set you back $14.95). The bobblehead company contends that since Schwarzenegger is now an elected official, his image is public domain. (3 pages)