Rapper: Marky Mark Took My Shiznit

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Rapper: Marky Mark Took My Shiznit

An obscure California rapper claims that actor Mark Wahlberg stole his shiznit--and wants the former Marky Mark to fork over $380,000 in return, according to this Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit.

Johnny Gallo, "a professional hip hop artist," alleges that Wahlberg and some sidekicks--over the course of two days last February--made off with storage boxes containing the wannabe rapper's "expensive suits, shoes, ties and other personal items."

Who knew rappers even wore ties?

The items, according to Gallo, had been stored at the Hollywood apartment of a mutual acquaintance of the two men. Gallo's complaint, filed on February 27, alleges that when Wahlberg visited the L.A. crib and learned Gallo's belongings were stored there, he took the stuff.

Wahlberg, the complaint says, claimed to have an unspecified beef with Gallo. (5 pages)