Cops: Burglar Used Drone For Aerial Recon

Suspect charged with breaking into food trucks

OCTOBER 3--Before burglarizing a pair of food carts, an Oregon man used a drone to scope out his targets, according to police who last night arrested the accused thief.

The two food carts, which are part of the Piedmont Station Food Carts pod, were broken into early Tuesday morning, with the burglar getting away with computer tablets, money, speakers, utensils, business checks, and other items.

After conducting aerial reconnaissance, the suspect, cops say, cut through a fence to access the 15-cart pod, which had closed hours earlier.

When one of the victim’s reviewed surveillance video, she noticed a small drone flying around the pod shortly before a man broke into her cart. The suspect is seen carrying a large backpack and wearing a jacket with the letters “LSC” on the back.

A Portland Police Bureau investigation identified Christopher Behurst, 34, as the alleged culprit. Behurst, seen at right, was charged yesterday with burglary and theft, both felonies. He was released early today on his own recognizance from the Multnomah County jail.

Behurst is a suspect in another food cart burglary that occurred early Tuesday two blocks from the Piedmont Station pod. The owner of the cart, which sells Mexican food, confronted a male subject--who was wearing a jacket with the letters “LSC” on its back--as he sought to burglarize the Sabor Casero Taqueria Y Pupuseria cart.

The same suspect, the food cart owner said, had twice previously tried to break into his cart.