O'Reilly Falafel Suit Turns Five

Fox News star's pervy sex fantasies, boasts never get old

Bill O'Reilly

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O'Reilly Falafel Suit Turns Five

OCTOBER 13--Happy anniversary, Bill O'Reilly!

On this date five years ago, the Fox News Channel host was named in a sexual harassment lawsuit brimming with lurid details about vibrators, phone sex, threesomes, masturbation, Caribbean shower fantasies, a Thai sex show, falafel, stewardess trysts, vehicular coupling, and Al Franken.

The New York State Supreme Court lawsuit filed by Andrea Mackris, a former Fox News producer, quoted O'Reilly verbatim and at length, leaving readers to believe that the TV star's dirty soliloquies were surreptitiously recorded (an impression reinforced when the lawsuit was settled within two weeks). A copy of Mackris's complaint, drafted by lawyer Benedict Morelli, can be found here.

Time has not robbed the document of any of its page-turning entertainment value. It is unknown how the litigants will mark today's anniversary, though were it a marriage, tradition would call for gifts of wood.

But we'd wager that the volcanic O'Reilly, 60, is still incensed about writing that hefty check. For her part, Mackris, 38, has stayed mum, presumably pursuant to some kind of confidentiality agreement. She has relocated from Manhattan to Missouri, where she was recently named to St. Louis Magazine's best dressed list.

According to the monthly, Mackris (seen above) volunteers at Planned Parenthood and her closet is stocked with Prada, Gucci, Valentino, and Manolo Blahnik. She is pictured in the magazine wearing a Halston gown. (23 pages)

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Billo has calmed down somewhat now that he is sixty. Guess old age and erectile disfunction has finally taken over. It's nice to see this bullying blowhard get his come-uppance (no pun intended). Got a word for you, Billo.... its the "Word of the Day".... rakehelly. Look it up. It describes you to a "low T". :-D
Bill should have added lowlife mud-raker to his description of your website.