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Nicole Kidman Memo Found In Trash

Star's contract found in movie mogul Harvey Weinstein's reyclables

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Nicole Kidman Memo Found In Trash

JULY 3--Proving again that you'll never believe what can be found on the sidewalks of New York, The Village Voice this week reports on its discovery of a trove of confidential documents tossed from the office of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. The papers, sitting curbside in a recycling bin near Weinstein's Tribeca office, included screenplays, call sheets, phone messages, and e-mails.

As seen here, the Voice also found a 2007 deal memorandum covering Nicole Kidman's appearance in the film 'The Reader.' The actress ended up dropping out of the movie after she became pregnant.

The unsigned memo, provided to TSG by the Voice, shows that Kidman was ready to play the role of 'Hanna Schmitz' for a paltry $100,000 upfront, with the possibility of an additional $450,000 payout tied to the movie's financial success.

The document also spells out assorted perquisites for Kidman, covering air travel, hotel accommodations, and her personal trainer. She was also granted approval over the film's script, as well as the selection of director Stephen Daldry and co-stars Ralph Fiennes and David Kross.

The deal memo also stipulates that Kidman's hair could not be permanently colored for the film, and that the Academy Award winner would not be required to 'perform or appear in any scenes without clothing or requiring actual or simulated sexual activity.' Sadly, Kidman's 'Nudity Rider' was nowhere to be found in Weinstein's discard bin. (9 pages)