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The Million Dollar Bomb

Actresses everywhere weep over Paris Hilton's seven-figure payday

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The Million Dollar Bomb

AUGUST 13--Struggling actresses everywhere will be distressed to learn that Paris Hilton can command a seven-figure payday for appearing in a straight-to-video movie.

Hilton banked $1 million for her role in 'Pledge This!,' a 2006 comedy, according to a deal memorandum she struck with the film's producers, who sued Hilton yesterday for failing to adequately promote the bomb. [By comparison, Nicole Kidman cut a deal last year to appear in an independent film that would have paid her a maximum of just $550,000.] Included as an exhibit to the U.S. District Court complaint is the Hilton deal memo, a copy of which you'll find here.

Along with her hefty payday--which accounted for nearly a third of the film's $3.2 million production budget--Hilton (referred to as 'Artist' in the document) also scored leading lady perks like first-class air travel, a chauffeur-driven sedan, a bodyguard, an assistant, and a tricked-out on-set trailer. Additionally, during the six weeks of shooting in Florida, Hilton was offered the 'exclusive use of a multi-bedroom penthouse apartment in South Beach.'

The memo also notes that production stills 'shall not be submitted to any tabloid publication' and that Hilton would not unreasonably withhold her approval of, among other things, 'any Artist nudity' or 'Artist simulated sex scenes.'

South Hilton was also given the chance to purchase her wardrobe 'at the fair market value of the same.' But why would she need another thong or chain mail bikini? (8 pages)