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Lewd, Crude High School Scavenger Hunt

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Lewd, Crude High School Scavenger Hunt

Last week, students from Massachusetts's Newton South High School set off on the annual senior class scavenger hunt, armed with this remarkable list of activities (and the corresponding points to be awarded for completion of a task).

For instance, shaving off your eyebrows was worth 20 points. But getting "sophmore boys to hook up w/each other" would earn a competitor 40 points.

But because the hunt involved vandalism, theft, and marijuana possession, the local cops are investigating and expect to charge about a dozen students with various misdemeanors.

Cops say that nearly half the school's 330 seniors participated in the scavenger hunt, which started on the evening of May 28 and continued through the night. And, in a bid to outfox authorities in case participants got popped, organizers prepared two lists, one of which was shorter and less randy, and would have been turned over to cops.

Unfortunately for the teens, police obtained both lists, copies of which they provided to TSG (with certain names and other details redacted). Below you'll find both lists, with the "fake" two-pager followed by the real eight-page one. (10 pages)