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Good Riddance, Von Brunn

Bureau of Prisons mug shot of Holocaust museum shooter

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Good Riddance, James von Brunn

JANUARY 26--This smiling degenerate is James von Brunn, the 89-year-old white supremacist who last year allegedly went on a shooting spree at the Holocaust museum in Washington, D.C..

Facing federal charges that carried the death penalty, von Brunn died earlier this month at a hospital in North Carolina (he was imprisoned at the Federal Medical Center in Butner). The Bureau of Prisons mug shot at left was snapped after von Brunn's September transfer to the Butner lockup.

He was facing charges in connection with the June 2009 shooting that left guard Stephen Johns dead. Investigators alleged that von Brunn, carrying a rifle, opened fire at the museum's entrance, felling Johns and exchanging shots with two other security guards. (1 page)