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Florida Alligator Attack

Cops: Man battered girlfriend with three-foot reptile

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Florida Alligator Attack

JULY 19--A Florida man assaulted his girlfriend with a three-foot alligator during a domestic dispute Friday morning, according to cops.

David Havennar, 41, was charged with battery for smacking girlfriend Nancy Monico in the ribs with the gator, who lived in a bathtub in Havennar's Port Orange home, according to a Volusia County Sheriff's Office report.

Monico told deputies that she did not know why Havennar (pictured at left) had an alligator in his bathtub, but claimed her beau was "torturing" the reptile. However, an examination of the reptile--which was seized by state wildlife officials--showed no signs of abuse.

Click here to see a photo of the gator in the tub.

Monico, on the other hand, suffered minor injuries to her lip, legs, and back area, according to investigators. For his part, Havennar claimed that Monico started the 9 AM dustup when she "bit him on the hand because she was mad about being out of alcohol."

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