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FBI Implicates Steven Seagal In Reporter Threat

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FBI Implicates Steven Seagal In Reporter Threat

Pellicano - FBI Affidavit

Actor Steven Seagal has been linked to threats directed at a Los Angeles Times reporter investigating the action star's relationship to a Mafia figure, according to federal court records.

The explosive allegation is contained in an October 17 FBI affidavit filed in support of a government bid to search the Los Angeles home of Alexander Proctor, a 59-year-old ex-con who has been charged with threatening Times writer Anita Busch.

The 21-page FBI affidavit--a key excerpt of which you'll find here--alleges that Proctor told a bureau informant (in tape-recorded conversations) that Seagal hired him through Anthony Pellicano, a noted L.A. private eye.

According to the informant's account, Proctor claimed that Pellicano farmed the strong-arm work out to him for $10,000. Prosecutors allege that Proctor, who is being held without bail, left a dead fish, a rose, and a note saying "Stop" on the windshield of Busch's car.

Yesterday (11/21) FBI agents raided Pellicano's Sunset Boulevard office and arrested the P.I. on an explosives charge. Click here to read the FBI affidavit filed in support of the Pellicano criminal charge.

The document describes how agents discovered fresh military-grade C-4 plastic explosives, anti-personnel grenades, and stacks of cash in an office safe (along with the C-4, investigators found a detonation cord and blasting cap). The amount of C-4 found, agents noted, could easily blow up a car and "was, in fact, strong enough to bring down an airplane." (8 pages)