Dude, You've Shot A Dell

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Dude, You've Shot A Dell

Meet George Doughty.

For some reason--and we're sure it was a fine one--the 48-year-old Colorado man fired four shots into his Dell laptop Sunday (3/2) morning. He whacked the defenseless machine in the Sportsman's Inn, a bar he owns, while a couple of patrons and a bartender looked on.

Doughty put the Dell on the tavern's floor, told onlookers to cover their ears, and proceeded to blast away.

While nobody was hurt, Doughty was arrested by the Lafayette Police Department on menacing, reckless endangerment, and prohibited use of weapons charges for placing the customers of his bar in danger. After executing the computer, Doughty hung the late laptop on the bar's wall, like a hunting trophy. (1 page)