Courtney Love Sued Over Rehab Bill

Luxe treatment center says singer owes $181,000 for 2005 stay

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Courtney Love Sued Over Rehab Bill

MARCH 9--A swanky California drug treatment facility claims that Courtney Love spent three months there in late-2005 and has since ignored demands to pay her outstanding $181,000 tab. In a Superior Court lawsuit, Beau Monde International charges that Love was treated at the firm's oceanfront Newport Beach property, a 'boutique' rehab center that handles no more than five patients at a time. Beau Monde, according to its web site, offers spa and salon treatments, gourmet meals, poolside massages, and 'luxurious fluffy robes and slippers.' In the March 1 complaint, a copy of which you'll find below, Beau Monde alleges that Love, 42, paid $10,000 shortly after entering the facility in August 2005, but still owes it $181,286. The performer was ordered into rehab that month by a Los Angeles judge after she admitted violating her probation (which was imposed in connection with drug and assault pleas). Attached to the breach of contract lawsuit is a copy of Love's rehab bill, which includes 'spa and other incidental costs' totaling about $36,000, and is addressed to Howard Weitzman, her criminal lawyer, and Warren Boyd, the singer's personal addiction counselor. Beau Monde's complaint also includes a copy of the facility's admissions agreement, which is in the name of 'Courtney Love Cobain.' (8 pages)

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Spa and salon treatments, gormet meals and poolside rubdowns??? Yeah, teaches a LOT of "humility" there boy. No wonder Courtney stayed crazy, high and drunk. These guys need to be brought to their knees if they're to learn humility and gratitude for their sobriety. FAIL!!!