Chicken Chumps Packed Off To State Prison

Georgia couple begins hard time for cold food attack

MARCH 13--The Georgia couple convicted of attacking a restaurant owner and her teenage daughter over cold takeout chicken have been shipped off to state prison to begin serving lengthy sentences for the beatdown, video of which was recorded by a surveillance camera and subsequently went viral.

State records show that Nathaniel Smith, 45, and LaTasha Smith, 29, were transferred in the past two weeks from a county jail to the custody of the Georgia Department of Corrections.

The Smiths are pictured above in intake photos snapped by state jailers.

Nathaniel is locked up in the Georgia Diagnostic and Classificiation Prison in Jackson, which holds upwards of 2500 prisoners. He will likely be sent to another state institution within the next couple of months. LaTasha is incarcerated at Arrendale State Prison in Alto, a town about 75 miles northeast of Atlanta.

The Smiths pleaded guilty to an assault last June at a Qwik Chik takeout stand. According to police, the couple had complained to owner Jeanette Norris that their chicken was cold and that they received a paltry amount of French fries.

After refunding the couple’s money, Norris dialed 911 when the duo continued to be belligerent.

As seen in the below surveillance footage, LaTasha subsequently began pummeling Norris at the rear of the Qwik Chik. When Norris’s 15-year-old daughter exited a vehicle to aid her mother, Nathaniel sucker punched the girl in the face, knocking her to the ground.

Jeanette Norris suffered two black eyes and cuts to the face during the attack, while her daughter was left with a black eye.

LaTasha Smith was sentenced to 10 years in custody for aggravated battery. Convicted of cruelty to children, Nathaniel Smith was sentenced to 15 years in jail. Nathaniel has previously served state time for the sale and distribution of cocaine and marijuana.