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Uma Nixes "Rectal Medications"

Contract details perks, nudity and merchandising don'ts

Uma Thurman

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Uma Nixes "Rectal Medications"

FEBRUARY 23--Until litigation derailed production, Uma Thurman was scheduled last year to film "Eloise in Paris," a movie in which she was to play a nanny opposite the popular children's book heroine.

The contract Thurman signed for the film, a copy of which you'll find here, called for her to be paid $4.5 million, and included a variety of perks usually demanded by top Hollywood stars (a copy of the document was recently filed in connection with a breach of contract lawsuit brought by Karuna Dream, Inc, the 39-year-old star's company).

Along with detailing Thurman's dressing room, travel, per diem, and lodging requirements, the contract gave her veto power over the film's screenplay, director, and co-stars, and guaranteed that promotional photos of her would not be provided to supermarket tabloids like the National Enquirer and Star magazine.

Additionally, Thurman's deal included an amusing clause that limited the movie's producers from using her name or likeness in merchandising deals involving product categories like tobacco, weapons, religious items, personal hygiene products, intimate apparel, porn, gambling, pet food, and, understandably, "stomach or rectal medications."

The contract also gave Thurman the option to purchase, at 50 percent off, wardrobe items and wigs created for her for "Eloise in Paris." And while the film was to be entirely family friendly, Thurman's contract contained her standard nudity clause, prohibiting the kind of racy scenes ("deemed nude, sex, or simulated sex scene") that would cause the picture to receive a rating "more restrictive than PG-13."

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