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Fellow Inmate Gives Jared Fogle A Beating

Felon is proud of attacking ex-Subway pitchman

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Jared Fogle Attack

MARCH 16--The federal inmate who attacked disgraced Subway pitchman Jared Fogle in a recreation yard is so proud of the assault that he is circulating a Bureau of Prisons incident report detailing the bloody attack.

Repeat felon Steven Nigg, 60, jumped Fogle in late-January at the federal prison in Englewood, Colorado.

Nigg, a convicted armed robber now serving time on weapons charges, pushed Fogle, 38, to the ground on January 29 and then punched him in the face multiple times.

According to a Bureau of Prisons report that Nigg (seen at right) has provided to family members, Fogle “sustained a bloody nose, scratches to his neck and redness and swelling to his face” during the unprovoked afternoon attack.

Nigg was captured on a prison surveillance camera beating up Fogle and was also identified by a witness to the assault.

Fogle, convicted last year on child porn and underage sex charges, is serving a 15-year prison sentence (his release date is July 11, 2029). Nigg is scheduled to leave federal custody in January 2024.

The Bureau of Prisons report, which was provided to Nigg in the course of disciplinary actions that followed the attack, is now a centerpiece of the convicted felon’s new Facebook page, which includes a link to a TMZ story about the Fogle attack. Nigg’s page--which is operated by a relative--shows him with 13 Facebook friends. (1 page)