Car Lover In Roadway Disturbance

Woman told cops of her sexual attraction to vehicles

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MAY 1--A woman who has been diagnosed with mechanophilia, a sexual attraction to vehicles and machines, recently caused a disturbance in her Pennsylvania neighborhood when she bolted from her home and chased after cars to which he was attracted, according to a police report.

Cops in West Norriton, a township about 25 miles from Philadelphia, received a call on April 18 about a woman running in the roadway who was being chased by two other females.

Officers determined that the pursuers were a pair of home health aides assigned to the woman who was running towards a Marshalls department store around 5:40 PM.

When cops approached the woman outside the store, she revealed her mechanophilia diagnosis, saying that she “was not trying to get hit by any cars, she was only trying to see them because she is attracted to them.”

Police explained to the woman that “her actions were dangerous and she needed to go home,” according to a West Norriton Township Police Department report.

Officers subsequently returned the woman to her residence, where she kissed, hugged, and became “emotional over a white Nissan Pathfinder that she called ‘Husky Bear.’” The woman, whose name was redacted from the report released by police, “also yelled at another vehicle nearby because she did not like it.”

One patrolman explained to the woman that she “could not be outside causing a disturbance and that she needed to go inside.” After “kissing the Pathfinder several more times,” the woman returned to her residence.

The woman’s health aides told cops that they were “not allowed to put their hands on her, so she runs off often.” (2 pages)