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Presenting The 2014 Mug Shots Of The Year

"Mugception" tops list of 25 best booking pix


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Best Mugs Of 2014

DECEMBER 31--In a banner year for booking photos, The Smoking Gun today proudly presents our 2014 Mug Shots of the Year.

On the following 25 pages you’ll find images of some of our favorite unusual suspects. While only one celebrity--Bieber--made the list, everyone in this compilation is a star.

Each defendant seen on these pages, of course, receives the coveted Nick Nolte Blue Ribbon for excellence in mug shot photography.

Most of the photos need no explanation, though some require a little context (and maybe a link to an earlier TSG story). Like so:

#25: This Texas woman, 29, was sentenced to six months in jail for drunkenly toppling over her child’s stroller.

#22: Collared for drunk driving, this 26-year-old New York resident was able to show off her Halloween costume for jailers.

#17: This Arkansas makeup enthusiast, 31, was arrested in September for allegedly stealing $144 worth of eye shadow.

#16: In July, North Carolina cops filed prostitution charges against these 19-year-old twins, who advertised their illicit services on

#15: Yes, this 22-year-old Kentuckian was arrested for marijuana trafficking.

#11: Yes, this 21-year-old Oregonian was arrested for drunk driving.

#10: Yes, this 46-year-old gent is the world’s biggest Tom Brady fan.

#7: This 29-year-old Alabama caveman was arrested in May for narcotics possession.

#6: This elderly hipster, 63, was nabbed for distribution of child pornography.

#5: No, this 37-year-old Kentucky woman was not arrested for jaywalking.

#4: This 18-year-old North Carolina woman liked her “cute” mug shot.

#3: This 24-year-old Florida “Boy Scout” was popped for resisting arrest on Halloween.

#2: That is not egg on the face of this Floridian, 36, accused of theft.

#1: We’re really looking forward to the next arrest of this 19-year-old Maine resident, whose booking photo has been widely hailed as the first instance of “Mugception.” (25 pages)