Fun City: Crazed Naked Guy Terrorizes New York City Subway Passengers

A crazed naked man seen menacing New York City subway passengers on a scary new viral video was handcuffed and transported to a Bronx hospital last week, but not charged in connection with the bizarre incident, according to police.

Warning: The above video contains profanity and nudity and is NSFW.

The man’s May 2 outburst occurred on a northbound 6 train in the Hunts Point Avenue station in the south Bronx. As seen in the video, which was originally uploaded to YouTube by a straphanger, the man yelled racial and ethnic slurs as he finished removing his pants.

After hurling himself into a set of doors, the man took off his boxer shorts, which elicited squeals from shocked observers. As a police officer was talking on his radio, the man bolted from the subway car and accosted a woman walking up a stairway. After slamming a package of hers to the ground, he lunged at a man walking perilously close to a platform edge.

With the help of some male onlookers, the cop succeeded in wrestling the man to the ground, where he was subdued. A police spokesman told TSG that the man, 41, was treated as an emotionally disturbed person and transported in custody to Lincoln Hospital for psychological evaluation.

The Transit District 12 officer with whom he grappled suffered a minor injury for which he was treated and released at Jacobi Hospital, the spokesman added.

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Why do people scream when someone takes their clothes off? It's a very odd reaction when you think about it.
Does anyone know the person who originally shot and posted this video? I work for a TV Show and we would love to purchase the rights to air this video. Please pass thing along to anyone who would know the whereabouts!! Thank you!!
WOW Ronald Mc`Donalds not handling them trying to take his job very well is he. LOL
thats nice, the officer is a wuss so that a civilian takes him down with a judo-style joint lock. he should have been forcibly detained the instant he went after the gal on the stairs. they should have rushed him when his pants were around his ankles. works every time.
Mr. Wee Wee sez "yOu gO girl" and STAND FIRM BEHIND Barack!
What is it with the crazy hating clothes? It seems really common for whackos to get all worked up and then take a real dislike to their clothing and take them off. Do therapists tell them their Levi's or Hanes are evil demons on their bodies they must rip from themselves. Most mentally ill are not the kind anyone wants to look at naked either. We must find the reason for why the crazy hate clothing so!
Man, I would have hated to be the cop that had to tackle the goofy SOB.......ewwwwwww!
This unfortunately is the subway line available to me as a so called convenience. As you can see here is an example of why I refuse to take the 6 train. I spend the extra $3 bucks and take the express bus to Manhattan.
Darn good thing that he was not hyped up on viagra..everyone in that subway car would be in trouble...would give a whole new meaning to "express train"....